Course Extension

Greetings, Most of you were successful and do not need course extension, to those of you congratulations, excellent job. Some of you need course extension…  The information below is for you: Starts May 30th until June 8th From 8:30am until 12:30pm You must register by Monday 22nd.  See me or Ms. Dowdy. Attendance is mandatory … More Course Extension

Last Full Week

Greetings, Seniors… Your final exams are Thursday and Friday, periods 3,4 and 1,2 respectively.  Study, Study and Study. Everyone else…. this week we will finish world war II and jump to analyzing revolutionary movements focusing on Gandhi, King and Mandela by way of our Final DBQ.  Lastly Thursday and Friday we will begin to review … More Last Full Week

Week 34

Greetings. This week we will finish creating our brochure explaining the differences between life under a Totalitarian government to life under a Democratic government.   Also we will finish our focus on the Strong European and Asian Countries.  Lastly one day out of the week we will provide a “grade recover” opportunity for the students.  Grade … More Week 34

Week 33

This week we will focus on Russia, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Two days out of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday the students will participate in a “You Science Career Inventory” which will extend our research on the aforementioned countries. Thurday and Friday students will have final access to technology (ipad, laptops) and will complete the … More Week 33

Week 32

This week the students will continue learning about the long-term causes of World War I and its global impact. Also this week we will focus on the nature of totalitarian government and begin to compare it to authoritarian government. Next week we will focus on Russia, Germany, Italy, and Japan. The count down continues remember … More Week 32

Week 31

Welcome Back!!! Spring Break is over and we have about six weeks remaining.  Now is the time to make sure you complete all your assignments on time.  Every assignment is important. This week we will transition from Globalization back to World War I also known as The Great War.  Additionally we will create a peace … More Week 31

Week 30

Field Trip on Monday 27th to the Coca Cola Museum. This week we will focus on Globalization.  What it is? How it impacts America and the impact on the world? Also the students will learn about the cultural and intellectual integration of countries into the world economy. We will end the week working on a … More Week 30

Weeks 28-29

During week 28 we been working on Revolutionary wars. This week 29, we will finish Revolutionary wars by writing: How Should Toussaint Louverture be Remembered? DBQ – Highlighting the Haitian Revolution. Wednesday and Thursday we will learn about Industrialization and Urbanization.  We will end the week on Friday by covering Globalization as that topic will … More Weeks 28-29

Week 27

This week the students will finish up the American and French revolutions along with the Haitian and Latin American revolutions.  Students will also learn about the rise and fall of Napoleon, and China and Japan’s interaction with the West.  We will end this week with a quiz for half the classes and start next week … More Week 27

Week 26

Welcome back from winter break. This week we will continue to learn about Revolutions.  We will focus on the American and French Revolution.  The students will analyze the causes of both those revolutions and the long-lasting results of them. Also Monday ends the 4th – six weeks grading period.  Therefore students time is winding down … More Week 26